League 42 Events Calendar

The League 42 Practice Schedule is below. We will also have copies at practices or download a copy here.

The League 42 2014 Game Schedule can be downloaded by clicking here.




Practices for League 42 | All practices will be held at McAdams Park




Dan Lucero/Arturo Roman, 5:30-6:45

Aaron Luman, 5:30-6:45

Tracy Velazquez-Wallace, 6:45-8

Keith Alexander



Jason Norris, 5:30-6:45

James Henderson, 5:30-6:45

Steve Jansen, 6:45-8

Kealen Holloway, 6:45-8

T-Ball teams Tuesday

Todd Wenberg and Terrence Phox, 6-7



Marcus Porter, 5:30-6:45

Billy Wilson, 5:30-6:45

Cody Schweninger, 6:45-8

Ken Steele/Grant Cohen, 6:45-8

T-Ball teams, Thursday

Bob Lutz and Jeff Falkner, 6-7



Dan Lucero/Arturo Roman, 8:30-10

Aaron Luman, 8:30-10

Jason Norris/Cierra Finch, 10:11:30

James Henderson, 10-11:30 

Steve Jansen/Brandon Saner, 11:30-12:45 p.m

Keith Alexander, 11:30-12:45 p.m.

Tracy Velazquez-Wallace, 12:45 p.m.-2

Kealen Holloway, 12:45 p.m.-2,

Marcus Porter, 2-3:30, 

Billy Wilson, 2-3:30, 

Cody Schweninger, 3:30-5, 

Grant Cohen/Ken Steele, 3:30-5,

T-Ball, Jeff Falkner, 1 p.m.T-Ball,

Todd Wenberg/Bennie Dick, 2 p.m.

T-Ball, Terrence Phox, 3 p.m.

T-Ball, Bob Lutz/Randy Smith, 4 p.m.




If you have NOT heard from your coach, please let us know

via email (information@league42wichita.org) or call 316-440-4542. 


(As we get them, more details will be provided here and on Facebook and Twitter)